Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Showing Sympathy by visiting our orphan home directly
• Donating, cloths, Utensils,Clothes / sneakers / personal items / bikes
• Providing Food Articles and Vegetables
• Distributing Milk, Biscuits and other Eatables
• Taking care a child
• Taking care a child for a Life Periodically Basic
• Donating Education Materials
.Tuition fees and Exam fees at a  college ,school and good English medium

Our mazer needs

1.Prayers- Prayer hall for children
2. education fees and  books and uniform
3 Medicine
4. Auto- transport of goods
5-van- for distant school children
6.permanent building- get rid of rent and becom

*Hospital visits / dental office visits
*Groceries for a year
*English tutor/ computer instructor for a year
*Subject matter school Books for library
*Acquiring additional lap-top computers for the lab
*Musical instruments (guitar / electric organ)
*Salaries to warden / cook / maintenance staff
*Sponsor a piece of land for new building
*Sponsor funds for acquiring land / building

why do we need to help ?
1. Love the little children as jesus love them
2.if the society neglect the parentless children,
finally they shall be terrorits/
  pick pocketers, Bandicts  for the country- to
nurture good citzens for the nation
3. Abolishion of  child labour
4.To bring Equality in the children lives
5.To eradicate poverty
6. Education brings the children  to be self supported
when they grownup
7.support the children with your  love gifts or yearly
        to provide food, clothing, education and  nurture.
8. To help the one time help as revolving fund to poor
families to be self sustain

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Some nights, these kids suddenly wake up and cry for food. But I am sustaining them with penniless conditions. If I go to my Church people asking an offering or any assistance, they also exist under financial frustration. So I am in dilemma in operating our orphanages. I am praying to go in order to acquire any heavenly support from any side. Since all these days I am searching for a heavenly person like you in order to look into the need of our orphan children. , . Little support extended by you shall save the lives of our orphan children, and it shall be the heavenly blessing for you. Please have a kind consideration for my plea and extend your esteemed monthly financial help so that I can feed them and lead them in the way they should work.

We are praying for the proper accommodation for the orphan children's. Everyday for one child needed $ 1 for her/his food. Within this budget we can give breakfast and lunch and dinner. We can give nutrias [nutritious] food like nonage. Because of our financial problems 
we are spending half $ only. It means we are not giving proper and sufficient food for the children's. We are praying for the proper food for the children

Our organization strives to help vulnerable children by providing them with Nutrition food, clothing, Shelter, education, and reliable health care, regardless of religion and social caste. Care & Love has been operating since 2003with the ultimate mission of bringing hope and happiness in the lives of neglected and Les Privileged children.

GRACE WELFARE is a non-profit organization working for underprivileged children – orphaned, abandoned, destitute and other vulnerable groups. Our mission is to change lives of such children – by providing them with long-term care. This includes basic needs, education and healthcare, and skills necessary to transform them into responsible citizens.
I have much burden about orphan children. Many of the children lost their parents in the accidents, floods and cyclones. They are wandering in the Streets, Bus Stations and Railway Stations. Because they don’t have any one to take care, I have a compassion towards them, as Jesus loves the children. We started the orphanage in 2003. Now I am running an orphanage AND VOCATIONAL COLLEGE at rented place with very small income of my church and from my pocket. These children need your compassionate love. Each child need $30 for food, education, clothes, books and medication per month.

Here under, we are giving the details for your information and activation as it is we do not have regular sponsors for these children which makes us worried because the days are so bad that cost of living has become three times or four times increased in prices. In a crucial times where things have become dear we postrate before God pleading Him to provide us means for the children and widows. The Lord is so gracious in caring for these unfortunate beautiful children and the widows in the orphanage. Nevertheless, we need your prayers. Your prayers will work wonders in supplying the needs for our ministry I know, and confidently say dear brother and dear Sister, we want you to sponsor at least one or two children at your choice because it will cost you only $30 per month for each child
Pure religion and undefined before God and the Father is this to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction and to keep himself unspotted from the world – James 1:27
We provide
Food, Shelter & Clothing, Healthcare and Education, Recreation /Hobbies, Sports/ Games…. with
Love & Care, Hope & Confidence, Independence & Discipline

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Dear loving beloved in Christ,
Greetings to you in the most precious name of the Lord and savior Jesus Christ
First of I just want introduce my testimony to you who am I.     
I am  basically come from traditional Hindu back ground.   When I was in my childhood I lose my father because of my poor situation.. I practically experienced how orphan struggle for his physical needs. Right after my post graduation I studied so many Hindu theologies.
I was born in an orthodox Hindu Family.  We worshipped several gods and goddesses.  Namely Nagadevatha (Snake) Hanuman (Monkey) Vanadevatha (Tree) Ganga (Water) Gomatha (Cow) etc.  
During my College days I was a Communist, belonged to a militant under ground Communist faction. I was very good activist and propagandist of the ideology of that communist group.  I was atheist and I was very much rationale in my thinking and judgment but I didn't satisfy. In 1996 I hard gospel from one of the pastor David. By the same day I accepted Jesus Christ is my personal savior. On that day onwards I started reading Bible and pray to God for my situation. .  So, Immediately I changed my way of living and believed that Jesus Christ is God, the creator.

This was only a mental change.  I never knew that Jesus Christ died for me and I know not Him as my personal savoir. .  I realized I was a sinner and was in need of a savior.  I repented and opened my heart to the Lord Jesus Christ, and accept him as Amy personal savior and lord. As the grace of God is abounding in my life.

After my theology I started to do the ministry I was visited so many villages. I do my best trying to bring together all the Non-Christians and making the congregation in our little churches bigger by teaching them about the work of god I saw so many families destroyed by the darkness of the AIDS. And so many broken families.

 Their children have become orphans. When I saw them I felt like to do some thing for them. Because of my poor situation I didn't do any thing for them, [except] I was visited and pray for them and I use to come back.
 Since my child hood I stayed among the yarukula tribal peoples their occupation is steeling and thefting and dacoite. In they were working process the use to get AIDS their children's become an orphans they use to struggle for food and home less.

I was started to praying for the orphanage home. 2003 JUNE God open the door to start the GRACE MINISTRIES orphanage home. I have set up an orphanage..
In the beginning we started with 10 children at our home with our own resources. Now the present number of children has risen to 73 children and 5 widows and handicapped peoples.
They become paper pickers, plastic glasses metal and other recyclables from garbage dumps and from the road side through which they earn a negligible to quench. Their hunger and thirst a little bit.
They are Back word class children’s and Fisherman community. Most of these kids are orphans. Due to lack . As their parents are very poor and suffering from various diseases like AIDS, CANCER, T.B.,etc

where children loose their parents and become either orphans or fatherless or motherless, no one to take care of them. We have plenty of such children. We have also young ladies by taking wrong steps in life, conceive children and they either leave them in the hospitals or maternity hospitals and run away.  Such disowned children who have no knowledge of their father and mother.  Some parents die due to road accidents or bus accidents and children will be parent less.  Some people adopt such children them because they are barren.
With little support from the local peoples.

God spoke to me very specifically about the orphans and their needs. I was cried and started by faith only in this orphanage. we are staying under the leaves roof house.
When rain comes we have to stay under the rain. When sunshine comes like summer season we have to stay under sunshine only. We don't have cot and bed facility. We have to sleep on the floor only.

We are praying for the proper accommodation for the orphan children's.

Everyday for one child needed RS 50 ($1) for child food. Within this budget we can give breakfast and lunch and dinner. We can give nutrias [nutritious] food like nonage.  Because of our financial problems we are spending 25 rupees (half $) only. It means we are not giving proper and sufficient food for the children's. We are praying for the proper food for the children

Our goal is to provide, by faith food, clothing and shelter, educate and spiritually raise parent less or fatherless orphans and destitute children in spiritual wisdom.
 We take delight in caring for their health and spiritual, welfare. Give instruction for inculcating, God's fear in their young spirits. We provide them a good life, which, with the God's mercy, they do not have neither get from their parents nor families 

We also take children to visit parks, big cities, museums and the seashore for their recreation. We also encourage children to improve their personal skills like drawing and art, singing and playing music instruments, acting, writing, sewing and embroidery (for girls), swimming, gardening etc.
They are now growing in a civilized manner and in a spiritual life i.e. reading bibles, singing devotional songs and praying.
They are studying in School AND Nursing College running by me with offerings.
 I have to give these poor kids food, shelter, and also good education they do not have homes to keep themselves we started to feed such children and gathered them and trained them up in the fear of god

In this surcumstace we are running the orphanage home. Through this letter you can understand how much we are struggle for the proper needs
My Next step..It is also interesting to tell that we also have set up a vocational training college and Degree college. The training given to the poor is just to help them with a bright feature as self employment in INDIA is very difficult without a good course.

All the Hostel, vocational and Degree College and the orphanage have thatched roofs with mud walls, which isn't quit safe, to all of us . Our village is an integrated rural and slum area. In this area we take a rented building is a running office section and 7 class rooms constructed with asbestos sheds.
 In this place we maintained vocational college (paramedical college), and Degree college.36 staff members are working in our colleges.

Even though in the position enrollment is very high. So i feel uneasy to maintain Please pray for good facilities .pray for my problemsOur organization main goal is free education for orphans and poor students

Our present situation is financially backward by borrowing we were able to run the institution. To the Orphans we are unable to supply them good food. Hostel running became very hard. College maintenance also became problem in this year. To all the students proper justice is not done. Their situation was merciful.

“I have loved you, that you also love one another.” John 13:34

God will bless, you According to Matthew 25-35-40 [Matthew 25:35-40] we are already thanking our Lord and savior for abundantly using of you for the spread of His word.

Jesus Christ said “love your neighbors as you help orphans and handicaps sick people and preach the gospel to Hindu’s convert them.” He also said “I am the way the truth and the life”.Please pray for our vision to fulfill it. Honor someone special in your life by giving a life-changing gift in their name to a child.
We are expressing all our feelings and problems. please pray for me .. amen 

Thanking you,
Yours truly
Grace Ministries